Presence-Based Coaching

Pamela uses the Enneagram to help individuals break through the status quo, grow self-awareness, and develop skillful means for personal transformation.


Striking a balance between breath, intention, and movement, Pamela’s yoga classes offer a transformational experience for all levels, incorporating wisdom and compassion.

Available Workshops

Meet Your Shadow


Are you ready to turn your Breakdowns into Breakthroughs? Experience the power of Emotional Freedom in this 3-hour workshop where you will unconceal, own, and embrace your shadow.

Vision Board Workshop


The path of creating an authentic life does not begin with planning, resolutions, or goal-setting! The path begins with creating a vision. In this workshop, you will create a powerful instrument of manifestation in your own life.

Meet The Enneagram


Do you ever catch yourself thinking or doing the same things over and over again, and wishing you could figure out a better way? We can find ourselves behaving in ways that can limit us in relationships, careers, and life.

Strengthening Relationships


A combination of Enneagram, Improv, and Fun, Pam works with couples to develop self-awareness and increase communication. When conflict arises, the resolution may not always come quickly and with compassion, resulting in more conflict.

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